1. so basically (human) brains don’t interrogate percepts for information to update on - they use the percepts to constrain a fuzzy model, and interrogate the model


  2. "I have found a curious dichotomy in the response of colleagues in discussions on this issue. When I say that everything you perceive is inside your head, they are apt to reply, ‘Why of course, but that is so obvious it need hardly be stated.’ When, on the other hand, I turn that statement around and say that their physical skull is located out beyond the farthest things they can perceive around them, to this they object, ‘Impossible! You must be mad!’"
    — Steven Lehar, The World in Your Head

  3. "The brain is wider than the sky,
    For, put them side by side,
    The one the other will include
    With ease, and you beside.

    The brain is deeper than the sea,
    For, hold them, blue to blue,
    The one the other will absorb,
    As sponges, buckets do.

    The brain is just the weight of God,
    For, lift them, pound for pound,
    And they will differ, if they do,
    As syllable from sound."
    — Emily Dickinson (x)

  4. "Then one day it hit me all of a sudden like a lightning bolt, in the form of a vivid mental image. Suddenly I could see in my mind’s eye that … out beyond the walls and floor and ceiling of the room I saw around me, was the inner surface of my true physical skull, and beyond that skull was an inconceivably immense remote external world, of which this world that was in my experience was merely a miniature virtual-reality replica."
    — Steven Lehar, The World in Your Head

  5. thesummerofmark:

    we love that twocubes and us just poped out in unison with this suggestion :P
    what i imagined:



  6. "Utena is a highly metaphysical, surreal, and allegorical Magical Girl series."
    — Wikipedia, Revolutionary Girl Utena

  7. i think it’s too bad that the people who run nLab haven’t taken the opportunity of adopting William Wulf’s idea of a collaboratory, removing an el, changing the site’s name to “nColab”, and insisting that it’s “the opposite of a laboratory”

    all i’m saying is, that’s what i would do


  8. i think maybe i’ve given some of y’all the impression that i know a lot of math

    but it’d be much more accurate to say that i know about a lot of math


  9. transgeometer:

    there’s a functor called the geometric representation functor o.O

    if you’re talking about what i think you are, you should know that that’s the left adjoint of a realization-nerve adjoint pair, a concept that generalizes nicely


  10. like what do you even mean people used to write math books before LaTeX???


  11. thesummerofmark:

    A carefully-drawn pentagram is its own reward.


  12. [stimming intensifies]


  13. i know what a prince & lover ought to be

    deposed in favor of a more representative form of government & sensitive, respectively