1. resource request:

    nonequilibrium thermodynamics / statistical mechanics


  2. martian-rasters:

    hermetic v1

    512 x 512



  4. i kinda like to think the reason brain hemispheres most directly implement motor control on the opposite sides of the body is just that the brain is facing the spine (so its right is on the same side as my left hand)


  5. should i read any Haruki Murakami?

    if so, what should i start with?


  6. "Rosenfeld arrived at Bohr’s institute in early 1931 just as the question [of measuring the electric field] had come to a head. He ran into Gamow and asked what was new. Gamow answered with a drawing he had just made. It showed Landau, tightly bound to a chair and gagged, while Bohr stood before him with upraised finger, saying “Please, please, Landau, can I just get a word in!”"
    — Aharonov & Rohrlich, Quantum Paradoxes (via eka-mark)
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  9. "Unnecessary noise is the most cruel absence of care that can be inflicted on sick or well."
    — Florence Nightingale

  10. shoutout to Terry Pratchett for teaching me that “privilege” is literally “private law”


  11. sometimes when i go too long without interacting with neurotypicals i forget that for most people “weird” has negative connotations

    whereas for me it is always a positive


  12. still waiting on the Soylent i ordered in December