1. "I always tell people: To do physics, you first think really hard about what you want to do, and then you blindly just go ahead with the equations and see where they lead."
    — Leonard Susskind (x)

  2. if i were to scale up my production of pixel/vector art, would it make sense to make a dribble account?


  3. "I find that, since reading McCarthy’s essay, I look at people a bit differently. Put simply: Everyone looks a good bit more piggy than they used to. It’s a disturbing, yet somehow oddly satisfying feeling . Looking at the world through the eyes of the primate-pig origin theory, I feel almost as if the piggish nature of human beings was really obvious to me all along, at the gut level, but just not something I explicitly acknowledged … due to the lack of scientific back-up, which Dr. McCarthy has now graciously provided.

    Try it for yourself. Read McCarthy’s list of human-pig parallels — then do some people-watching, perhaps in a crowded buffet or bar, or the nosebleed seats in the stadium at a sporting event. Peruse various photos online, of your fellow homo sapiens, particularly when engaged in acts of consumption or states of strong emotion. Yes, there’s a lot of monkey there – no one rational could doubt that — but don’t you see a fair bit of pig as well?"
    — Ben Goertzel, Between Chimp-Pig and Superman
  4. Witches’ Kitchen 1971. Riemann-Roch Theorem: The final cry: The diagram is commutative! To give an approximate sense to the statement about f: X → Y, I had to abuse the listeners’ patience for almost two hours. Black on white (in Springer lecture notes) it probably takes about 400, 500 pages. A gripping example of how our thirst for knowledge and discovery indulges itself more and more in a logical delirium far removed from life, while life itself is going to Hell in a thousand ways and is under the threat of final extermination. High time to change our course!

    - Alexander Grothendieck


  5. seems to me that rigor is rarely rigorously defined

    as far as i’m concerned, stuff either compiles or it doesn’t


  6. "Always remember that it is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood."
    — Karl Popper

  7. no regrets

    you either gret it right the first time or you don’t gret it at all


  8. i used to think my aesthetic might be “supervillain”

    but now i’m definitely leaning more toward “trickster deity”

    hence Bugs

    PS my favorite actual trickster deity (after Eris, of course) is Anansi

    PPS where are all the female trickster deities?? Wikipedia lists 42 trickster gods but only 6 trickster goddesses


  9. Mac Lane was right

    even this blog is a Kan extension


  10. "If humans are emotion machines, … then art could be viewed as a form of technology."
    — Mitchell Heisman, The Punchline (via thesummerofmark)

  11. words of the day are dolmen & cromlech

    not because i’m feeling macabre

    but because i think those could be the names of a duo


  12. i miss Bill Hicks